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Marvel Fashion: How to Be Head-To-Toe Marvel!

Show your love of the comic world by dressing completely in it, because why not, right?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  October 15th 2017

Check out these awesome Avengers shoes made by Superga!

They're available in Iron Man, Spider-man and Captain America varieties, and they got us thinking – could you dress head-to-toe in Marvel clothing?


Starting at the top, there are loads of Marvel hats available...


Then there are obviously loads of t-shirts...


And, while there aren't loads of Marvel trousers, these snowboarding trousers are pretty great!


And other companies as well as Superga have made shoes – look at these Vans!


There's also socks...


And pants!


So you could, if you wanted, wear head-to-toe Marvel! You might look a bit weird though!

lots of different places really, let's be honest