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The Ultimate McDonalds Quiz

Test yourself with these McDonalds Quiz Questions!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  July 1st 2021

The Ultimate McDonalds Quiz

1/10 McDonald's food

In what country was McDonalds founded?

2/10 Macdonald's sign

What does the giant M logo stand for?

3/10 Couple from the 20s

What year was McDonald's founded?

4/10 Twin girls on blue background

True or false: The McDonald's were twin sisters Moira and Mindy McDonald

5/10 Inside of aeroplane

Which of these has been used as a McDonald's restaurant?Β 

6/10 Mcdonald's food

How many McDonald's are there all over the world?

7/10 McDonald's in Japan

True or false: McDonald's sells different food depending on which part of the world you are inΒ 

8/10 Clown on white background

Which of these is NOT a McDonald's mascot?

9/10 Chicken nuggets on white background

How much money did a chicken nugget shaped like George Washington sell for on Ebay?

10/10 Woman in graduation cap on yellow background

What's the name of the McDonald's training facility in Chicago?Β 

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Amazing, 10/10! You're a McDonalds genius!Β 

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Well done! You know a few things about McDonald's, good for you!

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You know a couple of things about McDonald's but you could always score higher! Try again!

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Β Oh no! Looks like you're pretty clueless about McDonalds! Never mind, have another go!