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Meet Crash Smashson!

Crash Smashson has an awesome name, but who is he and what has he got to do with Dennis from Beano?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  March 4th 2021

Who Is Crash Smashson?

Crash Smashson is a comic superhero created by Dennis Menace (see Beano No. 3839). When Dennis was asked to write a homework report on his Best Week Ever, one of the things he wrote about was Smash.

When Dennis created Crash Smashson, he also wrote a character profile and origin story for him. Crash has one superpower, which is Being Amazing. Dennis created Crash on a piece of paper, which was then struck by lightning. This made Crash real and Dennis very happy (in his fictional Best Week Ever, at least).As superhero creation stories go, it's a bit basic, but Dennis works in broad brush strokes.