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Meet The King Of Animal Selfies!

Allan Dixon has perfected the art of getting selfies with animals! Check out his fine work!

Last Updated:  May 11th 2017
First Published:  May 11th 2017

This is Allan Dixon, animal selfie king, with a quokka!

Allan with a quokka

He travels the world getting selfies with all kinds of animals - here's a dog!

Allan with a dog

He's just as enthusiastic with fairly common animals like chickens...

Allan with a chicken

As he is with mad ones like llamas!

Allan with a llama


Allan with a bear


Allan with a pony


Allan with a husky


Allan with a duck


Allan with a lamb


Allan with a seagull

Great work, Allan! Watch out for that emu!

Allan with an emu


Allan with Winston Smushface the cat

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