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Merry Woofmas - A New Christmas Film Made Just For Dogs with Louis Walsh!

We Wish You a Merry Woof-Mas!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  September 15th 2021

A new Christmas film made specifically for dogs is coming out soon and it's narrated by X Factor judge Louis Walsh!

It's a yes from him!

The people that made the film designed it so that dogs will enjoy it!

Christmas24movies | YouTube

The colours blue and yellow are used a lot, because those are the colours dogs like best!

Christmas24movies | YouTube

There are a few Insta-famous dogs in the film too! Like Ramsey...

@bluestaffy | Instagram


@huskymika | Instagram

and Marcel Le Corgi

@lecorgi | Instagram

It all looks a bit strange and we're not sure dogs will sit still to watch it...

Christmas24movies | YouTube