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Minnie Fleas in the Wild!

Time to spot one of Gnasher's rarest fleas out in her natural habitat! And from Imperial Japan to distant Galaxies, Minnie Flea certainly gets about!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022

The toughest flea in the Gnashiverse, Minnie Flea can jump rings around all the other fleas. She hates rules, and is always itching to start her next adventure. She might send her enemies flea-ing, but is fiercely loyal to her friends and definitely knows bite from wrong!

Here are a few rare photos of this Queen flea in her natural environment doing what she does best - causing mayhem!

Here's a Minnie Flea prank calling US President Roosevelt in 1934

He was quite annoyed about it.

Minnie Flea in India!

She visited the Taj Mahal on a day off from Yogi Minx's Ayurvedic Menacing Institute in Uttar Pradesh.

Here's Minnie flea riding a rhinocerous!

Location and date unknown.

Wormhole Minnie

Here's Minnie Flea getting sucked into a black hole at the centre of the distant M87 galaxy in the Virgo constellation.

Flea-p in the Jungle

Here's Minnie Flea again, exploring the dark rainforests of Borneo.

No match for Minnie!

Even this deadly white widow spider cowers in fear at Minnie flea!

Ninja Minnies!

Under the cover of darkness, a squad of Ninja Minnie Fleas raid Matsumoto Castle to give the corrupt leader of the local Shogunate a massive wedgie.