Most Positive Impact: Beano Power Awards

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Billie Eilish

It's another appearance for Billie at the Beano Power Awards - and we're not surprised! The Ocean Eyes star has helped us all through a difficult year thanks to her awesome songs so what better way to say thanks than by voting for Billie at the Power Awards?

Marcus Rashford

What can we say about Marcus Rashford? He's ace! The Manchester United hotshot took on the Government in a fight to keep people from going hungry and he won! But Marcus won't stop there and now he's campaigning against poverty. We think he's awesome and if you do too, you should vote for him!

David Attenborough

There's loads of reasons to love David Attenborough. Not only does he make awesome shows, he also cares lots about the planet and is trying to make sure that lots of other people learn to care about it, too. For this reason, we reckon David deserves a vote. 

Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks has kept the country fit during a tough year and helped us (and our mums and dads) learn that exercise isn't actually that bad. He's so good he even made it into the covers of the Beano itself. If you think Joe's pretty cool yourself, give him your vote!

Captain Tom Moore

No-one represents the positivity of 2020 than Captain Tom Moore. The former British Army officer kept the nation's spirits lifted when, at the age of almost 100, he raised thousands for the NHS thanks to a sponsored  walk and went on to be made a knight and release a hit single. Wow! If you think he should add a Beano Power Award to that list of achievements, vote for him here!

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