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Nat Turner Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

Think you know your black history? Take this Nat Turner quiz to find out how much you know about one of US history's most important figures!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  April 11th 2022

Nat Turner was an enslaved preacher who fought back against slavery in 1831. Nat's Rebellion was one of the most violent uprisings against slave rule in US history, and led to an even harsher crackdown on slaves afterwards. Nat Turner changed history by showing the slave owners that they couldn't get away with it forever, and showed African Americans that they could take control of their own future.

Do you already know everything there is to know about Nat Turner? Test your Black History skills with this important quiz!


Which US state did Nat Turner's rebellion take place in?


2/10 That's right! Now, where's that on the map of the US?


What did Nat Turner believe in above all else?


What did Nat want to achieve by rebelling?


Nat Turner was... what?


Why did Nat choose to start his rebellion when he did?


What was the sign from God that told him to start the rebellion?


How did the rebellion end?


What happened immediately after the rebellion?


How do we remember Nat's rebellion today?

Oh dear! You really need to swot up on your US history! Nat Turner was an important figure - fancy having another go and seeing where you went wrong? If not we have plenty of history for you to try!

Not bad at all! You definitely know a thing or two about Nat Turner. Your history skills could do with a bit of refresh though - fancy having another go and seeing you can improve on this score?

Good work! You know loads about Nat Turner! Well done! You just missed out on the top spot though - fancy going back and seeing where you want wrong? Or see if you can beat this score on another history quiz!

Gadzooks! You nailed this quiz! Your history skills are very impressive! Well done! Now, can you get full marks on another history quiz? Bet you can't!