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Nature’s Coolest Mums!

These animal mothers do some really disgusting (and cool) things!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  March 24th 2017

Mum koalas feed their kids poo!

Koalas mainly eat eucalyptus leaves, but the leaves are toxic to their babies, so mum koalas help out by eating the leaves, digesting them, and then "getting rid of them" in a way that's safe for the kids to eat... Gross! But cool!

A mum octopus eats her own arm!

When an octopus lays eggs, she lays 50,000 at a time! She then has to protect them constantly for 40 days until they hatch, so she doesn't have time to get herself any food. The solution? She eats one of her own arms!

Mum hornbills build really smelly front doors!

Hornbills nest in holes they find in trees, but their eggs are delicious to lizards, so they have to work hard to protect their tiny unborn kids! They end up blocking up the holes with bird poo! Amazing!

Mum gulls feed their babies sick!

When grown-up gulls go and get food for their babies, they worry that other birds will steal it if - so they carry it home by swallowing it, and then sick it up for the kids to eat when they get home. Ewwww!