New Taylor Swift App with Taymojis!

Taylor Swift uploaded a chunk of her brain into a smart phone and it created a brand new app called "The Swift Life"

The app lets you connect to Taylor and be the first to know all the news in the world of Tay Tay

It will just mostly be pictures of cats - YES!

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But most importantly, it has it's own Emojis - TAYMOJIS!

This is a real thing that is happening in the world!!

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We're not sure what they look like yet, but we imagine they'll be something like this....

Standard Taylor smile emoji

Look what you made us do

Taylor Swift as an emoji

Taylor eyes emoji

Much better than heart eyes, right?

taylor eyes emoji
Image by Taylor Swift | YouTube

I'm sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone... emoji

Taylor can't come to the phone emoji

...because she's dead Emoji

Skull Taylor emoji

Katy Perry poop emoji

Bit harsh! Why can't they just be pals?

Katy Perry as a poop emoji

And, obviously, a good snake emoji

Tay Tay Snake emoji

In fact, all the rest of the emojis are snakes!


Lots of tay tay snakes

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