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Only True Nichlmao Fans Can Get 100%

It's time to find out how much you know about this YouTuber, vlogger and TikTok star! Answer some questions all about Nichlmao and see how much you know!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2022

How well you know Nichlmao? We've put together this ultimate quiz all about Nich and his content, so see if you can get full marks and be his number 1 fan! Good luck!

1/10 Nichlmao
Nichlmao | YouTube

What's his real name?

2/10 Birthday dog and cupcake

When is his birthday?

3/10 Starsign animals in space

What's his starsign?

4/10 Nichlmao
Nichlmao | YouTube

What's he best known for?

5/10 Map with arrow

Where was he born?

6/10 Nichlmao
Nichlmao | YouTube

When did he join YouTube?

7/10 Nichlmao
Nichlmao | YouTube

True or false: he's had a billion views on YouTube?

8/10 Nichlmao
Nichlmao | YouTube

What's his second channel called?

9/10 Los Angeles and question marks

Where does he live now?

10/10 Question mark on jelly background

What was his first YouTube video called?

Oh no result

Noo! Looks like you don't know anything about Nichlmao! Never mind, have another go and see if you've learned anything new!

Try again result

You know a couple of things about Nichlmao, but not enough to be an expert! Try again and see if you score higher!

Well done result

Nice! You're obviously a big fan of Nichlmao and his videos! But can you get full marks next time? Have a go and see!

Amazing result

Woah! You're the ULTIMATE Nichlmao fan! You know everything about him, and you've watched all of his stuff at least twice! Well done!