Now You Can Play Pokémon INSIDE Minecraft!

Pokémon Red and Blue, now available in block form!


You read it correctly - you can play Pokémon Red and Blue inside of Minecraft!

Play Pokemon Red and Blue inside Minecraft
Image by YouTube | Polygon

It has just been completed by a user called MrSquishy

He's been working on it for 2 years!

MrSquishy in the Pokemon stadium
Image by YouTube | Polygon

He also made PACMAN in Minecraft

A fully playable game in Minecraft. How cool is that?

Playable PACMAN in Minecraft
Image by Polygon

You have GOT to play these 2 Pokémon classics!!

Nevermind being excited about Sun and Moon or Pokémon Go - the original Red and Blue games are AMAZING! As long as you don't mind them being just black and white!

Media by Pokemon
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And don't forget to take a look at the mind-blowing stadium!

Pokemon Stadium including Blastoise and Charizard
Image by YouTube | Polygon

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