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16 Old Town Road Jokes to Make You Chuckle

We'll have you yee-hee-hee-hawing at these hilarious Old Town Road jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:ย  August 11th 2021

These Old Town Road jokes will have you laughing 'til you can't no more...but that's not a rap! Keep the rodeo going with Beano's best music jokes, horse jokes, and cow jokes!ย 

What does Billy Ray Cyrus say when he stays at Old Town Road hotel?

Thank you for your horsepitality!

Why does Lil Nas X brag about having horses in the back?

He wants to be the centaur of attention!

What did Yoda say to Lil Nas X on his way to the Old Town Road?

May the horse be with you!

Why was Lil Nas X so good at geometry?

He used a pro-tractor!

How did Lil Nas X find the lost cow?

He tractor down!

How do you ask Lil Nas X a Maths question?

Lil Nas Y?

What did Lil Nas X say to his friend who drives a Porsche?

I'd rather drive an Audi, partner!

Why couldn't Billy Ray Cyrus ride no more?

He was feeling un-stable!

Where do circus performers go when they retire?

Old Clown Road!

What does the horse call the pony next door on Old Town Road?

His neigh-bour!

What did the interviewer say to Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus?

I need to ask you an equestrian!

What do you call the horse who lives on Old Town Road?

Billy Neigh Cyrus!

Why do horses go to the Old Town Road when they feel sick?

It's where the horse-pital is!

What did the horse reply when Lil Nas X said 'hey'?

Yes please!

Why did Lil Nas X cancel his performance?

His voice was hoarse!

Why doesn't Billy Ray Cyrus wear underwear?

It rides up on him!

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