Otamatone Pop Music

Check out this weird musical instrument! It squeaks! It sings!

Have you heard of Otamatones?

An Otamatone is a squeaky Japanese musical instrument that you play with two hands. You use one hand to control the pitch, and the other to squeeze it's face and make it "talk".

Image by Youtube | NelsonTYC

Lots of people have made Otamatone covers of pop songs... here are some of the best!

1. Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber - Despacito

This Otamatone really nails the Spanish bit!

Media by Knightbros | YouTube
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2. Christina Aguilera - Beautiful


Media by Michael Thomas Connolly | YouTube
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3. Pikatoro - Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

Best version ever!

Media by nelsontyc.com | YouTube
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4. Rammstein - Sonne

Actually this one's just annoying.


Media by Emuvies | YouTube
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