Personality Poll: How Popular Are Your FIFA Opinions?

Do you agree or disagree? Or are you not bothered either way? Take part in our FIFA poll!

A crowd on FIFA 19
Image by FIFA 19 | EA Sports

The crowds in FIFA 19 are as enthusiastic as a wet newspaper

A referee about to send a player off
Image by FIFA 19 | EA Sports

If you miss an open goal, you should be sent off

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A screenshot of FIFA 19
Image by FIFA 19 | EA Sports

FIFA 19's 'no rules' game should happen in real life football matches

A FIFA tactics screen
Image by FIFA 19 | EA Sports

The tactics options in FIFA 19 are the games' best yet

A dragon playing football

The game would be so much better if you could play against dragons

Image by Star Wars | Lucasfilm/Disney

The commentary would be better with Star Wars characters giving their opinions on the game

An Arsenal player
Image by FIFA 19 | EA Sports

No matter how skilled you are, Arsenal are never quite good enough

Image by FIFA 19 | EA Sports

FIFA's controlled finishing has taken all the fun out of booting it and hoping for the best

A cat bursting a balloon
Image by Giphy

If neither team score after 90 minutes, the ball should pop like a balloon

David de Gea wearing a hat
Image by FIFA 19 | EA Sports

During a penalty shootout, the goalkeepers should be allowed to wear an amusing hat

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