Personality Quiz: Go Trick or Treating and We'll Give You a Halloween Prank!

Will it be sweets or a shocking surprise? Knock the doors of this quiz and find out some petrifying pranks to play on your parents!


No hanging about - let's call on some houses! Which door will you knock on?


Cool! They answered! So which sweet treat will you take?


Okay, on to the next street - and which of these doors do you think you should knock on?


Whelp! There was someone in but the treat's not so tasty! Still, what are you going to take?


Let's move on quickly and see what's behind the next doors!

Totally Random Question

Have you ever challenged your teachers on any of the rules in school?

Answering this question won’t affect your score.

Ah, no-one answered this time! What trick should you use?


Quick! On to the next street! Which door will you choose this time?


What? Another treat and more gross food? Oh well - you might as well choose something


Okay, on to the last street and it's full of spooky houses! Let's hope there's no-one in! But which one will you call on?


There was someone in after all and what's more, they've given you loads of sweets! Which will you choose?

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