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10 Question PinkLeaf Quiz: Are You An Expert?

Are you passionate about PinkLeaf? You'll have to be to get full marks on this tricky Tower of Hell themed quiz! Give it a go!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  May 9th 2022

He's one of the most famous Roblox players and gaming Youtubers out there... and he could be the greatest Tower of Hell player of all time! But how much do you know about him? Are you ready to find out? Test your knowledge of this Roblox legend with this epic PinkLeaf quiz!

1/10 A man and a sandwich playing a video game

What game does he play most?

@PinkLeaf | Twitter

What's PinkLeaf's real name?


How many subscribers has he got?

@PinkLeaf | Youtube

PinkLeaf has a Guinness World Record for fastest ompletion of the Tower of Hell. True or false?


Ok - so he doesn't have a proper World Record. But what's his personal record for completing it?


Where's PinkLeaf from?

@PinkLeaf | Youtube

Which of these Robloxers is friends with PinkLeaf?

@PinkLeaf | Youtube

What obby is he playing in this video?

@PinkLeafReal | Instagram

PinkLeaf is... what?


Which of these things does PinkLeaf do on his channel?

@PinkLeaf | Twitter

OOOOFT - you'll have to try harder than that if you want prove your PinkLeaf skills! Never mind - try one of our other Roblox quizzes? We've got loads!

@PinkLeaf | Twitter

Not bad at all! You definitely know a thing or two about PinkLeaf! You can probably do a tiny bit better though if you had another go... up for trying again? Plenty of other Roblox quizzes if not!

@PinkLeaf | Youtube

Very nicely done! Great PinkLeaf skills - you must be a subscriber, right? You just missed out on full marks though, which is a bit of a shame - can you see where you went wrong? Try another Roblox quiz and see if you can get 100% on that one instead!

@PinkLeaf | Youtube

Amazing! You nailed this quiz! Full marks for you! You've definitely proved yourself a PinkLeaf expert. Now, fancy doing it all again on another Roblox quiz? Go on!