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22 Planet Jokes That Are Out Of This World!

These planet jokes are are sure to provide a great atmosphere! Check out these hilarious punny planet jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:ย  December 23rd 2021

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Did you hear about the happy asteroid?

It was over the moon!

Which planet loves jewellery?

Saturn - it's got lots of rings!

What do planets read?

Comet books!

Why wasn't the planet paying attention?

It kept spacing out!

Why is Mercury the cleverest planet?

Because it has the most degrees!

What's the solar system's favourite singer?

Bruno Mars!

How does Jupiter keep it's trousers up?

With an asteroid belt!

How do NASA organise a party?

They planet!

What's an alien's favourite chocolate?

A Mars bar!

Why did the sun go to school?

To get brighter!

What do planets listen to?


What's a planet's favourite keyboard key?

The space bar!

Why did Mickey go to space?

To find Pluto!

Why is our solar system so rubbish?

It only has one star!

How did the alien break his phone?

He Saturn it!

How does the moon cut his hair?

Eclipse it!

Why shouldn't you go to a party on Mars?

There's no atmosphere!

Have you heard the planet joke?

It was out of this world!

What's a pirate's favourite planet?


What did Earth say to the other planets?

Get a life!

What kind of music do planets like?


What's the best way to organise a space party?

Planet early!