How Popular Are Your Easter Egg Opinions?

Do you have some some controversial Easter egg ideas? Take part in our eggy poll and find out if the public agree with you!

Easter eggs

Easter eggs should be available all year round

A 1 metre high Easter egg

The minimum size of an Easter egg should be 1 metre high

A smashed up Easter egg

Easter eggs should be pre-smashed to ensure quicker eating

An Easter egg and a red mug

Every Easter egg should come with a free mug and at least two bags of sweets

A man saying no to eating Easter eggs

No one should be allowed to eat their eggs until Easter Sunday

An Easter egg on a silk cushion

All Easter eggs should be presented on a silk cushion

Man eating chocolate egg

By law, no-one should have to share their chocolate

Keith's chocolate Easter eggs

Every Easter egg should have your name written on it so people no to keep their hands off!


On Easter Sunday, you should only eat big chocolate eggs

A big chocolate egg stuffed with sweets

Easter eggs should be full to the brim with sweets – not those tiny little bags

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