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QUIZ: Is your DAD’s car even worse than TEACHER’s?

Take this quiz to see if it's time for your dad to get a new set of wheels!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Answer these questions with the help of the Bash Street Kids!


Is your dad's car leakier than rusty old boat?


2/10 Is it so ancient that it's even got a tape deck in it?


Does it have indicators?


4/10 Does it smell worse than a badger's bum!


Has it got enough horsepower to beat an actual horse?


6/10 Would a hitch-hiker turn down a lift in it?


Do you duck when you drive past your mates, so they won't see you in it?


8/10 Would you have to pay somebody to steal it?


Have you had to give it a push start more times than you've had hot dinners?


10/10 When it's cold, does it freeze on the outside AND the inside?

Your dad's car is a total banger - just like Teacher's!

It's a BANGER!

Cover your eyes - this car is your worst nightmare! It is definitely time for a new set of wheels.

Your dad's car is barely passable. Congratulations, I guess?

It's a pass!

Looks like your dad's car isn't completely terrible!