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Recipe Quiz: What One Should You Try Next?

Find out what recipe you should try next!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 15th 2022

So, you’ve checked there’s a grownup on hand to help out and you’re a budding chef or baker who’s wondering what delicious meal or cake to make next? Well, there’s a world of delicious delights out there, so it’s lucky you’ve got this Beano food quiz to guide you. Find out which recipe you should try next. Our Beano cookery experts have scoured the globe for delicious recipes to bake, boil, griddle and grill to your heart (and your stomachs) content! Set your timers, ready your whisk, prepare the veg… It’s time for the Recipe Quiz: What One Should I Try Next?


How do you rate your chef skills?


Which cooking word describes my personality


What’s your favourite takeaway food?


Where would you most like to live?


5/10 What’s your favourite fruit?

6/10 Santa Jokes

What cooking thing would you like Santa to bring?


What are your hobbies outside the kitchen?

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8/10 Which animal are you most like?

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How would your Grown Up describe you?

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What do people usually say when they try your food?

Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad’s a great one for beginners who want to practice their knife skills. Ask a grown up to show you how to chop up loads of fruit - any will do - add a splash of orange juice and if you’re feeling fancy dress with some fresh mint and a spoon of icecream. Lovely stuff and healthy too (apart from the ice cream but let’s not dwell on that)!

Noodle Salad

Prepare and cool some vermicelli noodles, add raw veg like peppers and cucumbers and carrots, and dress with some rice wine vinegar mixed with soy sauce and honey. It’s delicious! You can even add some prawns to be extra-specially classy (or tofu to keep it vegan!) One last touch: Add some fresh coriander to the top just before serving!

Victoria Sponge Cake!

Classic, classy baking! There’s a reason why the Victoria Sponge is the most baked cake in all existence*. It’s delicious and it’s easy to make too. Hardcore Victoria Sponge fans use a buttercream and jam icing in the middle and dust the top with icing sugar, but why not let your creativity run wild and add some bonus yum stuff to the mix: Think cocoa, fruit, or even whipped cream! This quiz is making us seriously hungry!


Oh my goodness pancakes. We love pancakes. Who could have imagined that egg, milk and flour would combine to make the most delicious food known to person-kind. The best thing about pancakes is choosing what to go on top. These versatile scrumptious edible plates can hold any number of delicious fillings. Go classic with sugar and lemon. Go sweet with maple syrup and banana. Go big with melted cheese and fired mushrooms. Pancake? Yes you Cancake!