Roblox Action Figures are GREAT!

Playing with Roblox toys, of course!

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There are 40 different toys to collect

They're all based on characters and creators from the game. Can you recognise any? 

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You can mix and match them too

A bit like LEGO minifigs, you can rearrange these special 'Mix and Match' Roblox figures into all sort of combinations. Their arms and legs come off and can be swapped around as many times as you like!

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Chose from Mystery Figures, Game Packs, Core Figures, and Champions

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Unlock game secrets!

The Roblox toys come with scratch-off codes to unlock secret special items in the game. Of course, to find out what the secret is, you'll have to find a code for yourself.

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Rumour has it that even more will be announced soon!

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