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Roblox Tycoons Quiz: Don’t Get Noobed!

Don’t get noobed by our Roblox Quiz. How much do you know about Roblox Tycoon Games!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 22nd 2022

There’s a whole load of Tycoon games availabler on Roblox. it’s almost like whatever you like there’s a tycoon game to match. You think we’re lying? There’s tycoon games about Super Heroes, Cars, Holidays, Shopping, Fitness, Hospitals… Too many to list, frankly. How many have you played? This quiz will test your knowledge and if you’re lucky, might even introduce you to a new Tycoon game you’ll love to play!

Roblox | Roblox Corp

In which Roblox Tycoon game do you collect Super Heroes?


In which game do you buy and sell cars?


In which Roblox Tycoon game do you run a hospital?

Roblox | Roblox Corp

What tycoon game in Roblox will see your character working out with golden dumbbells?


In which Roblox Tycoon game do you run a holiday island?


Which Food-based Tycoon Game has just had medievil update?


Which Roblox Tycoon Game will have you selling anything from Vegtables to Computers?


Which Tycoon game allows you to run a whole park full of shops?


Which Roblox Tycoon sees you in charge of a fleet of ships trying to destroy your rivals oil rigs?

10/10 Monkey

Which Roblox Tycoon game allows you to keep lions, monkeys and penguins?

Roblox | Roblox Corp

We’re not sure that you really understand what Roblox is? Maybe try gaming before quizzing. Or better still try a quiz about something you’re an expert in!

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You’ve probalby even played a couple of these Tycoon Quizzes. Have another go to see if you can get a higher score!

Roblox | Roblox Corp

You’re a Tycoon master! A real expert in the filed of Roblox. You should be very proud of yourself but… There’s one higher level. Try again to see if you can reach the top!

Roblox | Roblox Corp

You’re the best of the best! The worlds greatest Roblox Tycoon Playing expert! What’s your favourite Roblox Tycoon Game?