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Rubi Fleas in the Wild!

What does a Rubi Flea do when they’ve got some free time on their small hands?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022

The smartest flea on Gnasher’s back, this bug is compelled to know how things work and always tries to make them work better. She's always deeply immersed in experiments and theories, and constantly dreams about understanding the secrets of the gnashiverse via the appliance of science.  

Our official photographer was sent out to see just what the Rubi Flea gets up to and returned these fascinating results!

Here’s a Rubi Flea witnessing the invention of the internet!

Due to their size, they were able to explore the actual network of cables and see how everything worked. They were even able to fix a website that wasn’t working quite properly.

One Rubi Flea was part of the first moon landing in 1969!

They didn’t wish to be named as an Apollo 11 crew as they were shy of any publicity.

Rubi Flea on the moon

Rubi gets a degree from Oxford Universi-flea!

Not content with studying for a degree in science, she also added a maths degree AND something to do with rocket science. Not bad!

Rubi Flea once travelled at the speed of light!

This happened when she was messing about in her laboratory. She dropped her sandwich during this very quick journey and it was never recovered.

The Rubi Flea loves circuit boards!

This tiny bug enjoys seeing how smartphones are made and often gets warm feet from being to close to hot soldering irons. As a result, a Rubi Flea has never ever paid for a repair as they know what to do if their gadget starts to malfunction.

The Rubi Flea loves scientific research!

Even in their free time, this tiny boffin will hang out at research facilities to stay up to date with the latest medical breakthroughs and sometimes offers advice and ideas to leading doctors, which is often missed due to the volume of her tiny squeaks.

It’s not all work, work, work!

The Rubi Flea loves to unwind by making some popcorn and watching the Star Wars movies in order! Her favourite character is Rey.