Personality Quiz: What Does Your School Stationery Say About You?

Scientists can predict what type of person you are by the type of pens, pencils and stationery you bring to school. Find out by taking the quiz!

Pay attention at the back! The let us begin...


What kind of pencil case do you have?


Do you have a pen?


What does your pencil eraser look like?


Can I borrow a ruler, please?


How many felt-tips do you have?


Do they all still work?


Have you any sweets hidden in your pencil case?


Do you have any stickers on your calculator?


Are your pencils sharp?


What kind of pencil sharpener do you have?

Class swot

You're the class swot!

The only time you talk in class is to ask a proper question or – gulp – ask for more homework!

Classroom joker

You're the class joker

You love school – but you love making your classmates laugh even more!

You wish every lesson was PE

You'd turn up to school in your football boots if you could. But you can't!

Teacher's Pet

You're the teacher's pet!

You know why your teacher looks so healthy all the time? Because of the amount of apples you bring in for them. Unbelievable!

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