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Secrets of The Princess Diaries

6 facts you never knew about The Princess Diaries movies!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  November 13th 2016

The Princess Diaries was actor Anne Hathaway's first film!

And at one point in the audition she accidentally fell off her chair

Speaking of falling over, the bit where Mia falls over on the seats wasn't meant to happen! It was an accident and the director decided to keep it in.


The film was made at Stage 2 in the Disney studios in California. The exact same place where Mary Poppins was filmed.

And that's as well as Mary Poppins herself, Julie Andrews, playing Queen of Genovia 

The photo of Mia's dad is actually Anne Hathaway's real life dad

Hi dad!

Fat Louis the cat was actually played by FOUR different cats!

Sadly Genovia is not a real country

But in the story the Latin motto of Genovia means “The whole body works”