Secrets of the Simpsons

6 things you never knew about your favourite cartoon family

1. Hidden Rumpus Room

There's a hidden room in the Simpson's house that has only been seen in 3 episodes. It's located at the back between the kitchen and the garage.

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2. Forgotten Simpsons episodes

The show began as an animated short film on the Tracey Ullman show. These episodes are hard to find as only a few of them have come out on the Simpsons DVDs.

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3. There's been 762 celebrity guests!

The Simpsons has had a huuuuge number of celebrities voicing characters, including Pharrell and Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter)

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4. Creator Matt Groening based the Simpsons on his own family and even used the same names

There was a Homer, Marge and Lisa in his family. His mum's name, Wiggum, made it into the show with Chief Wiggum and his son Ralph!

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5. Originally Krusty the Klown was supposed to be Homer in disguise!

Also, Marge's hair was so large because it was hiding huge rabbit ears underneath. Both ideas were scrapped though. Shame! 

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6. It was the first cartoon of all time to do a live bit!

Homer Simpson answered phone calls live on-air, with real people calling in to ask Homer questions.

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It really is the best!

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