Someone's Dad has Given their Cupboard Under the Stairs a Harry Potter Makeover!

Alohomora! This is the coolest cupboard we've ever seen!

Everyone knows that when Harry Potter stayed in the cupboard under the stairs at the Dursleys, it wasn’t exactly a luxury place to hang out.

It was cold, uncomfortable and well, completely rubbish.

Harry Potter
Image by Warner Brothers

If only he was related to school teacher and father-of-two Peter Fragola – because this dad knows some sweet DIY skills. And it helps that he’s a Harry Potter fan too, because he’s transformed his own family’s cupboard under the stairs into a den for his sons to relax and maybe practice their spells.

Every night for 2 weeks, Peter would spend hours transforming the ordinary cupboard into something awesome and worthy of JK Rowling's wizarding world.

Armed with maroon and gold paint – Gryffindor colours, obviously – and a pile of front pages from The Daily Prophet, Peter decorated the room and included Potter toys, a Hogwarts scarf and a stuffed owl to complete the look.

Great job, Peter! Can you do ours next, please?

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