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10 Space Facts Which Are Out Of This World!

Phil E.S. Dogg has searched the entire universe to bring you some truly awesome facts about space!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:ย  January 11th 2023

Phil E.S. Dogg loves space. He loves it so much, he's got some of those luminous stars stuck to the ceiling of his bedroom so he can drift off to sleep imagining he's floating around the universe. After his recent Race For Space adventure, he wanted to tell you the 10 best facts he knows about space and everything in it!

8. The moon is 238,857 miles from the Earth!

Gnasher and Phil ES Dogg on the moon

That's the same as going from London to Dundee and back just over 253 times! Remember to pack enough snacks and water. Maybe some copies of the Beano, too!

10. The highest mountain in the solar system is on Mars!