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Splatoon 3 Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

Prepare your ink sacs and get ready to test your squiddy knowledge!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 1st 2022

The Splatoon series is one of the strangest and most fun multiplayer games out there. It’s turned squid, their ink and their many wiggling tentacles into a whole gaming adventure! But how much do you know about Splatoon 3? There’s only one place to find out for sure, and that’s right here!


What animal do you turn into in the ink?


How many limbs do squid have?

Splatoon 3 | Nintendo

What is the name of the bow-type weapon?


What does the ink-vac weapon do?


How many shots does the Tri-Stringer shoot?


What shape is the tank?


What is the name of the manta ray?


What kind of animal is your pet?

Splatoon 3 | Nintendo

Where does Splatoon 3 take place?


Is there a multiplayer mode?

Splatoon 3 | Nintendo

Uh oh! Not your finest score, but then again, it would be something very special indeed if you managed to win the first ever round of Splatoon that you played! Why not have another go and see if you can make it up the scoreboard!?

Splatoon 3 | Nintendo

Not too bad! You’re getting there! It’s nice being on the leader board sometimes isn't it!? With a little bit more effort you’ll be inking your way to the top in no time at all! It’s a good effort, but you can probably do better!

Splatoon 3 | Nintendo

OK! Now we’re really getting squiddy with it! You’ve done really well here and you should be very proud, you’re so nearly there! With another go you’ll probably get full marks and top the leader board! Once more! Do it for the Salmonids!

Splatoon 3 | Nintendo

Amazing, full marks! What an incredible effort! There aren’t many people out there with such a full and solid knowledge of Splatoon, so you should be very pleased with yourself - you’ve done it! Why not try some of the other quizzes and see if you can ace them too? Epic style!