The Ultimate Squishies Would You Rather Quiz!

How much to you love squishies?! Put it to the test in this awesome would you rather quiz!

Let's do this!

🤪 Totally Random Question

How many times a day do you brush your teeth?

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Would you rather eat this real doughnut or own this doughnut squishy?


Would you rather make your own squishy or buy a new one?


Would you rather have one jumbo squishy or lots of keychain squishies?


Would you rather cut up your squishy or have it run over?


Would you rather own a croissant squishy or a bread squishy?


Would you rather have real strawberries or these squishy strawberries?


Would you rather a dog destroyed your squishy or someone threw it in the bin?


Would you rather have all your squishies taken away or all your slime?


Would you rather have a Millie or Billie the Whale squishy or the Marsh Mallow Bear Squishy?


Would you rather eat bogie flavoured ice cream or give away your squishies?

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