Star Wars, DC and Marvel News!

Check out these awesome trailers, toys, and movie props!

Comic Con is a huge gathering of comic and movie fans that happens every year in San Diego, USA and they always make the latest big comic announcements there! Here's what you need to know.

New: Star Wars toys!

A special series of action figures based on the awesome Forces of Destiny animations will be coming soon! 

There are also a bunch of new action figures from Rogue One, plus some deluxe figures from The Force Awakens

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Ever wanted to pilot your own landspeeder?

Luke Skywalker's iconic landspeeder is hitting shelves later in this year. This ride-on speeder is the perfect size for you and a friend to start your adventure across the galaxy or just for cruising around your local hive of villainy.

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Watch Season 3 of Voltron!

The hit Netflix anime series is back for another season, as the pilots of the Voltron lions deal with aftermath of Season 2. Watch out for spoilers with this one!

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Check out Pacific Rim: Uprising

The sequel to our favourite film about giant fighting robots is being released next year, but you can watch the first trailer right now!

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DC Film SHAZAM is coming!

DC film SHAZAM now has a director and will be released in 2019, rather than 2020

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There's a Fantastic Four rumour

From the Marvel side of things, the rumour is Fantastic Four may spin off into a solo film about the evil Dr. Doom

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Look at these Justice League costumes

Sneak a look at awesome costumes from the upcoming Justice League film, like this amazing Batman suit!

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