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Stephen Hawking’s 6 Funniest Moments

As well as being one of the smartest people EVER, Professor Stephen Hawking also had a great sense of humour!

Legendary Professor and all-round space expert Stephen Hawking sadly died on 14th March. While he’ll always be remembered for being super-smart, the professor also had a brilliant sense of humour and loved comedy. 

Did you know that he appeared in The Simpsons 4 times? He would often attend sessions where the show was being written too, he was such a big Homer fan! He also got involved with Comic Relief a lot, including a sketch where awesome celebrities like John Boyega from Star Wars and Rebel Wilson from Pitch Perfect auditioned to be the new voice of Hawking’s computer, which of course didn’t go to plan. 

Even during a serious scientific talk, when the Professor was asked about how fans should cope with Zayn leaving One Direction, he couldn’t help but give a funny answer. All in all he was a truly original and brilliant mind with a great sense of humour, and we’ll miss him.