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Stink Fleas in the Wild!

The Stink Fleas that breathe in the methane from Gnasher’s unfleasibly stinking farts also live in the wild. But whereabouts would they find somewhere as toxic as a bottom burp from an Abyssinian Tripe Hound?

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022

You might find it unfleasible that a Stink Flea could find anywhere as gross as the area around Gnasher’s bum. Actually, nowadays - thanks to the actions of the human race - you’ll find plenty of places that are super gross and perfect for the methane breathing, Stink Flea in the wild.

Originally living near the bottoms of large grazing animals, you can now find them in the wild anywhere that humans (or kittens) leave rotten stuff.

Stink Flea’s love compost heaps, rubbish dumps…

toxic waste…

And the bit of the coastline where careless water companies pump sewage (Between Flea-on-Sea and Fleahaven). Where there’s a swill, there’s a Stink Flea having a very enjoyable wallow!

They also enjoy school canteens, the packed lunch box you’ve left at the bottom of your school bag…

And hanging out by (and in) the bins!

Basically Stink Fleas in the wild are as gross as they are on Gnasher!