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Stupid TV: Would You Like a Bottle of Red Sauce?!

Red Sauce has SO many uses! Like... well, check out the advert and see for yourself! We bet you'll want a bottle!

We’ve all been there… you’re flicking through the TV channels and end up on something SUPER weird. Well, this has GOT to be one of the strangest adverts we’ve ever seen!

Of course, the advert is on Stupid TV! The presenters at Stupid TV are trying to sell the mysterious Red Sauce! Do you think the product is right for you?

It can be used for so many things! Forget about all the other sauces, brown sauce, green sauce, blue sauce, red sauce will blow your mind! You can even use it for bathing, dinner parties and it goes perfectly on cereal!

The best part? It’s half price, so check it out now! 

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