Superhero of the Year 2017: VOTE NOW in the Beano Awards!

Justice League lover or Galaxy Guardians? In a Flash about Underpants? VOTE NOW for your fave superhero in our readers poll!

2017 has been a totally super year for superheroes! 

We've had approximately 7,238 superhero films to enjoy with another four gazillion coming next year. But who did you love? Grumpy Batman and his Justice League crew? Sulky Teen Groot, his best bud Rocket and the Guardians of the Galaxy?

Or what about a slightly more bonkers take on costumed crusaders with Captain Underpants or our own Bananaman (coming to a stage near you this Xmas)?

Up, up and away - it's time to vote, true believers!

Superhero of the Year 2017

But which was your favourite? Vote now and let us know!

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