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Take The Menace Test of Beano No. 3900!

Are you Beano enough to take on the Menace Test? Find out now! You can find all the answers in Beano No. 3900!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  August 30th 2017

The Menace Test Beano No. 3900


Who becomes a YouTube megastar after falling off a skateboard?ย 


Who eats Calamity James's stash of super-rare mega-expensive comics?


Who is under all the ice cream?


What is Les Pretend pretending to be?


Why is Walter able to become the new king of the skatepark?


Dave is in a hurry - but where does he want to go?

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Awesome! You must have read Beano 3900 at least ten times to know all those answers! Well done!

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