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The Art of Breaking the Rules: Could You Survive a Night in the Museum?

You've somehow been left in charge of Somerset House in London, where The Art of Breaking The Rules Beano exhibition is taking place. Can you make sure everything will remains unbroken until the morning?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 21st 2021
1/10 Two fists knocking on a locked door

Are you ready? You've locked the doors and preparing to look after the exhibition for a whole night. What do you do first?

2/10 A smartphone with a low battery

Oh no, your phone's battery is starting to run out. What will you do?

3/10 The Art of Breaking The Rules

Now you've got the museum to yourself, what will you do first?

4/10 A sandwich on a wooden floor

You're a bit peckish while you look at the exhibition. What do you have in your bag?

5/10 Museum crisps

Where did you get those crisps from?

6/10 Exhibition selfie

How many selfies have you taken with the exhibits?

7/10 A man listening

There's a funny noise coming from the main room. Will you investigate?

8/10 The Art of Breaking the Rules

You've discovered one of the displays has been damaged due to some un-blam activity. What do you do?

9/10 A hammer and nails

After trying to repair the artwork, you've found a blank canvas and some paints. Where will you hang your own piece of art?

10/10 A bag of crisps goes into the air

It's now daylight and it's time to open Somerset House for another day of The Art of Breaking the Rules. What do you do?

Result: survived

You've completed the task!

Wow, you've managed to look after yourself AND the Beano exhibition. Everything has remained in perfect condition – even your emergency repair worked – well done!

Result: survived - just

Everything is fine – more or less!

Pretty much everything at the exhibition is how you left it – nothing a bit of sticky tape won't fix! Let's not mention the damaged display, eh?

Empty room

You went home!

We get it, you had so much fun at the exhibition that you were totally exhausted. Luckily, everything remained in one piece (apart from the damaged artwork). We're sure one of the Beano artists has a spare, somewhere!