The Beano Quiz – Doctor Who, Ed Sheeran and The Incredibles!

How much were you paying attention this week?

21 July 2017

Are you ready?

Image by BBC

Who has just been announced as the next Doctor Who?

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Who did England beat 6-0 in this week's UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 match? 

Image by HBO

Ed Sheeran was in an episode of Game Of Thrones this week, but which cartoon is he going to appear in too? 

Image by Marvel

We're obsessed with Spider-Man and love the new film! But which former US President collects comics featuring the superhero? Click here if you need help.

Image by Modest Management

Which member of One Direction makes his acting debut in Dunkirk this week. But who?


Which song became the most streamed song of all time this week?

Image by Disney Pixar

The trailer for The Incredibles 2 was released this week. But who's this alongside the character Edna Mode?

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