The Beano Weekly Quiz - Penguins, Rubbish Robots and... a Yeti?

Been paying attention this week? Test your knowledge of what's going on in the real world ( know, "out there")

11 January 2018

What important thing was built underneath London 155 years ago on Tuesday? 

Image by Giphy

Some scientists say they have finally proved the Yeti is a made up creature. But if Yetis are fake, what have been making these footprints all this time?

Image by Wikimedia

Why have Cadbury's made some of their Creme Eggs white? Hint: click here if you're stuck!

Image by Cadbury's

What old kids TV show was voted the Best Ever by the Radio Times this week?

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What embarrassing thing happened at a technology show this week?

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How much money is footballer Philippe Coutinho being sold to Barcelona for? 

Image by sammisago | Twitter

There's a new Harry Potter menu at Starbucks. Which of these IS NOT on the menu?

Click here if you're stuck on this one!

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This week some super fluffy-penguins hatched in a zoo in China. What is the correct name for a baby penguin?

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