The Beano Weekly Quiz - Ariana Grande, Carpool Karaoke and FIFA!

8 June 2017

How much have you been paying attention to all the things that happened this week? Take our quiz to find out!

The One Love Manchester concert was huge news this week. Who did Ariana Grande bring on stage to sing My Everything with? (Click here if you need to check)

Image by Twitter | 1lovemanchester

Ed Sheeran did Carpool Karaoke with James Corden and they tried to put as many Maltesers in their mouths as possible! How many did Ed manage? (Click here if you can't remember)

Image by The Late Late Show with James Corden | YouTube

From one Ed to another, what happened to Edd from The Numbskulls in this week's Beano? (Click here to sneak a hint)

FIFA 18's cover star was revealed! Who is it? (Click here if you're stuck)

Image by EA

For election week, we set up our own party and you voted for the rules! What did you decide stairs should be replaced with? (Click here to read the rules again if you have to)

And finally, why is this otter jumping? (Click here to watch a video that might help if you don't know)

Image by YouTube | Animals Galore
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