The Beano Weekly Quiz - E3, Emojis and Spider-Man

There was E3, Emojis and Spider-Man news this week, how much were you paying attention?

16 June 2017

Image by Sony Pictures

This week we shared all we know so far about the Spider-man: Homecoming movie. Who is the main villain of the film? (Click here for a hint if you're spider-senses aren't feeling it)

Image by Twitter | Kotaku

A load of new games were announced at the E3 event in America, and someone showed up as a massive T-rex! Who was it? (Need a clue? There might be one if you click here)


This is a joke from this week's Beano. Do you know the punchline? (Click here if you get brain freeze)

Image by Instagram | paulpogba

Why did the people of Italy call Pogba "Paul the octopus"? (Click here for our facts about Pogba video if you don't know)

Image by Sony Pictures Animation

The Emoji Movie is SO CLOSE to coming out! Who is the actor who does the voice of Hi-5? (Click here if you really get stuck)

Image by Youtube | jimbo Bagginsz

We showed you some weird animals this week. Do you remember the real name of the floppy water pancake? (Click here if you need a memory refresh)

a lovely gorilla who is a champion

Your Score: 0 out of 6

You're SO BEANO!! 

This egg is body positive and shooting for the stars

Your Score: 0 out of 6

Pretty good! Not bad, you must have been paying attention!

A dinosaur doesn't have time for mediocrity

Your Score: 0 out of 6

Meh. That's OK...but you could improve. You need to spend more time busting boredom on!

everywhere this pug goes - bad things happen

Your Score: 0 out of 6

Oh dear, what happened here?

this pug is having a bad day but it's okay to have a bad day every now and then

Your Score: 0 out of 6

Oh no! That's a terrible result. Must try harder.

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