The Beano Weekly Quiz - Fidget Spinners, Star Wars and Doughnuts!

5 May 2017

How well were you paying attention this week? Take our quiz and find out!

This week we FaceApp-ed some celebs and it turned this guy into a beautiful woman! Who is it?

Guess the Faceswap woman on FaceApp
Image by Wikimedia Commons | David Shankbone

Which of these ISN'T on our list of the world's weirdest doughnut flavours? (click here to check the list again if you need to)

Bacon and maple syrup doughnut
Image by Wikipedia

In the comic this week, Dennis and his Dad broke a world record for the biggest tower made of...? (If you need a clue - click here!)

Dennis eating a mystery tower

May the fourth was with us for Star Wars day on Thursday, but do you remember which character sells hot dogs? (Click here if you need to feel the force again to refresh your memory)

Space Hot dog with lightsaber mustard and ketchup

In our round up of the best films to watch this summer, what is the full name of The Nut Job 2 movie? (click here for a sneaky look back if you're stuck!)

Image by Warner Bros. Ent.

Finally, we were ALL about Fidget Spinners this week and we saw some awesome homemade spinners. What did we find out you can make a Fidget Spinner out of?

Fidget Spinner Glasses
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