The Beano Weekly Quiz: Football Wins, Pokémon Fails and Some MASSIVE pants!

Were you on the ball this week?

28th July 2017

Time to get your quiz on!


Michael Phelps raced a computer generated great white for Shark week. Who won?

Image by Twitter | 20CenturyFoxUK

The Captain Underpants movie not only came out but broke the record for the world's most enormousest pants in the world! How big were they?


What did Jade from Little Mix mistake as a Greggs?

Image by Instagram | pokemongoapp

Pokémon GO Fest was a bit of a fail! What happened?

Image by Twitter | Lionesses

The England women's football team are smashing it right now and are into the quarter-finals! Who are they playing next?


What did we find out this week about the cars of the future?

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