The Beano Weekly Quiz: Hot dogs, Jo Konta and Cars 3

How much attention have you been paying to what went on this week?

14 July 2017

Cars 3 zoomed into cinemas this week! Do you know the name of the new rival to Lightning McQueen in the movie?

Cars 3
Image by Disney PIXAR

What did Usain Bolt say he'd like to take Pogba out for?

Usain Bolt and Paul Pogba

The Snapchat hot dog filter took over the world!! But what does it even do? (Click here to check out our video if you'd like a hint)

Snapchat hot dog with a sleepy pup
Image by Instagram | nibblerthedoge

Some fool crashed a golf cart into a gift shop at Thorpe Park this week! Who was it?

Golf cart crash

Scientists finally managed to get us one step closer to the future we all deserve by achieving which of these things this week? (Click here for a clue)

Lightsabers, tardis and a teleporting cat

Have you been keeping up with Wimbledon this week? Do you know Jo Konta's favourite bakery product? (Click here for a video that might help if you're stuck)

Jo Konta is very happy outside Greggs

Finally, Dippy the dinosaur skeleton from the Natural History Museum in London was replaced with what this week? (Click here if you can't remember)

Dippy has been replaced with a mystery
Image by Twitter | NHM_London
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