The Beano Weekly Quiz - LEGO, Dennis and Fidget Spinners!

26 May 2017

How much have you been paying attention to the epic things that happened this week? Take our quiz to find out!

LEGO Minifigs series 17 came out! What is the chef one holding? (click here for a sneaky look)

LEGO chef minifig holding a mystery
Image by © 2017 The LEGO Group

A giant appeared in Venice, but why? (Click here if you can't remember)

The Giant of Venice
Image by lorenzoquinnartist

We asked you to help us decide our Beano party rules for the election. Which of these slogans did we NOT ask you to vote for? (Click here if you get stuck)

Voting for So Beano

Why are there so many dogs at this school? (Click here for a hint)

Loads of dogs at a school

We released our new Dennis and Gnasher game called Defend the Den, where the people of Beanotown have turned into food mutants! What are they called? (Click here if you need help)

Dennis and Gnasher in Defend the Den

Did you see our fidget spinner tricks video? Do you remember what this trick is called? (Click here to watch the video again if you need to)

A mystery fidget spinner trick
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