The Beano Weekly Quiz - Lego Marvel, Little Mix and the Queen

How much were you paying attention to this week's new stuff?

23 June 2017


It was the Queen's birthday over the weekend? How old did she turn? (Click here if you're not sure)


Did you remember Father's day? Simon didn't and had to get the B-Team to help him get presents for his dad! What did they get him? (Click here to watch it again if you're stuck)

Image by Twitter | meanboysclub

These dogs were in the news this week, but why are they in bags?? (Click here to sneak a hint)

Totally Random Question

Which of these have you been using in the past week to keep in touch with friends....

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Beanotown staged it's very own music festival - Beanofest!! Which superstar, chart-topper even made an appearance? (Click here if you need some help)

Image by YouTube | Marvel Entertainment

The trailer LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 dropped. It looks awesome and has an lot of Spider-Mans in it! Which Spider-Man is this? (Click here if you need a Spider-hand with this one)

Image by Instagram | littlemix

We found out some fun facts about Little Mix and it turns out one of them can't whistle! Who is it? (Click here to watch the video again if you're unsure)

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