The Beano Weekly Quiz - MagiKarp, Pineapples and Paddington!

1 June 2017

How much have you been paying attention to the epic things that happened this week? Take our quiz to find out!

Did you see the happiest fox in the world this week? Do you remember her name? (Click here if you have trouble remembering)

Image by juniperfoxx

The first trailer for the new Paddington movie came out! What's the little bear's favourite sandwich filling? (Click here for a tasty hint)

Image by StudiocanalUK

What on earth was going on at Bash Street School? (Click here if you really have no idea)

We discovered some weirdly coloured pineapples. What colour were they? (Click here to check if you need to)

Image by z90sandiego

To everyone's surprise, MagiKarp got his own game! What town is it set in? (Click here if need to check a map or something)

Image by The Pokemon Company | Magikarp Jump

In our Pop Star's Voice quiz, who had a shopping list of orange juice, toilet roll and washing powder? (If you need to watch the video again, click here)

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