The Beano Weekly Quiz - So Much Better Than SATS!

12 May 2017

SATS are all about boring stuff so we made a much better version all about the awesome stuff that happened this week!

You have 100,000 minutes to complete. You may not use a calculator.

How do you spell the name of this singer that we showed you how to draw this week? You are not allowed to click here to look up the answer.

Look at this week’s Beano (click here to check the reading booklet). How does Minnie describe her new furry friend?

Descendants 1 + Descendants 1 = ? Click here to show your working (and take a sneaky look at a hint – not that you need it!) 

Image by Walt Disney

If it takes 10,000 bees to form a beard and the average face can hold 2,500 bees on a weekday and 4,900 bees on weekends, what is the name of this YouTuber?

Image by GIPHY

Many animals have evolved human mouths. What kind of animal is this?

What happens when you mix Explodium and Kabloomogen? You may click here to read a scientific paper by Rubi von Screwtop that may help.

Name 2 ways that Harry Styles has recently defied the laws of gravity. You may click here to use diagrams to help.

Image by YouTube | HarryStylesVEVO
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