The Beano Weekly Quiz - Star Wars, Easter and The Creakers!

21 April 2017

How well were you paying attention this week? Take our quiz and find out!

It was Easter and someone pelted Sergeant Slipper with eggs! But who was it? Click here if you need a clue...

Tom Fletcher announced his new book - The Creakers. It's about monsters who live, where? Click here to refresh your memory

Image by TomFletcher | YouTube

A new Star Wars microseries was announced too. What is it called?

Image by Lucasfilm/Disney

How long was this epic trick shot?

Image by All Star Sports Bar/Apex

Who released a new music video for a song called Hard Times this week?

Image by Image by YouTube | Fueled By Ramen

Derek and Daisy asked a question in this week's On The Sofa. What was the correct answer to it? Click here if you need to watch it again

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